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Writing assignment 5

? Complete Online Practice Tests and write a narrative of the learning experience.?

? Print the ?Online Assessment Activity? handout. In Part 1, you will follow the provided URL and complete either a Social Studies or Science online practice
??(Links to an external site.)
assessment.? In Part 2, you will follow the provided URL and complete either an ELA or Mathematics online practice assessment.? After completing two online assessments, you will follow the instructions on the ?Online Assessment Activity??handout and upload an APA paper as specified in step #f.

? Requirements: Requirements are given in step #f of the handout.

Online Testing Skills for 21st Century Learners

Goal: Gain awareness of current trends in online assessment platforms while developing perspectives toward the necessary required skills.

1– Go to the URL

a-select either Social Studies or Science

b-select a grade

c-select the Computer-Based Practice Test Environment Item Set 1

d-start the test as Guest

NOTE: While completing the test, consider take notes so that you will be able to write 1.5 – 2 pages (DS/APA) explaining 21st century online ?test-taking skills?. In the writing assignment, you will thoroughly explain navigating the online test while addressing the provided online test-taking ?tools? along with any other information you find relevant for online test-taking success.

2-Go to the URL

a-select test: select either ELA or Math

b-select a grade

c-select item sampler

d-choose Start Test to take the online assessment

e-select at least one accommodation and choose continue

f- Notice these test directions will aid you in the writing assignment. Complete the test using all the various tools shown throughout the test. While taking the test determine which tools (for example line reader, note, ruler, highlighter, etc.) were especially helpful. Add to the above ?test-taking skills? narrative an additional 1.5 – 2 (DS/APA) pages of information regarding the MAAP online platform, testing tools and any other relevant. Be sure to specifically address the MAAP tools by name, explaining when/why/how to use specific tools and including volume control (if given in your test) for video narrations. Be thorough in your instructions.

Lastly, in your concluding paragraph (which must begin ?In conclusion?) state your opinion of the main best feature and worst feature of the Pearson site as well as the main best and worst feature of the Questar/MAAP site and which testing company design (Pearson or Questar) you liked better.

Note: Your APA paper will have: Title page, body (1.5 – 2 pages describing Pearson?s online assessment and 1.5 – 2 pages describing Questar?s online MAPP assessment), your concluding paragraph, and reference page. Use two different headings (Pearson, Questar) in your paper. See APA version 6 to see how headings are formatted; also see APA version 6 on how to reference these websites on your reference page.

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