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Those are two separate classes

Class 2: Collaboration or Expulsion?

Discussion Topic

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Watch the following video from the Lesson Content,
Preventing Suspension and Expulsion of Children with Disabilities or Suspected Delays

, from Head Start.

Initial Post: After watching the video, explain your rationale for collaborating with families regarding their child with exceptional needs. Why is collaboration so important in avoiding expulsion? What are some experiences you have had with similar situations? Share some strategies for collaboration with families to support their child?s exceptional needs.

Class 2: Funding for Diversity in Early Education Programs

Discussion Topic

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We have discussed funding sources for early education programs, early childhood comprehensive systems, and recent federally funded initiatives. Now, let’s focus on?HOW?early childhood programs should be funded.

For your initial post,?address the following:

? How should early childhood programs be funded (for example, parent tuition, employer sponsored, federally funded, state funded)?

? Are there other sources that could fund programs?

? What way to you think is best for everyone involved (families, teachers, community)? Why?

Use any references you need to support your ideas, and cite your sources appropriately.

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