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The Greeks valued truth and our theatre tradition is about seeking the truth in a play’s content and in its performance. One of the most popular plays in the ancient Greek theatre was?Oedipus Rex?(or?Oedipus the King) by Sophocles.

Watch the following brief summary and analysis of the play and then answer the question that follows by posting to this discussion board.

In your post?share with us the following:

  • Name a play, movie or episode of a TV show that revealed a truth in a really assaulting or graphic manner.
  • Think of Oedipus Rex. What is the truth of the play, movie, or episode and how did the graphic nature of the presentation?impact you?

Posting Instructions

  • Review the rubric before submitting your initial post (click on three vertical dots in upper right).
  • Create a post by hitting “Reply”, which is located?to the left of this page?immediately below these?instructions.
  • This is a post-first forum; after you have entered your post you will be able to see your classmates posts and can respond to them.
  • Your post should be a minimum of 5-6 sentences in length TOTAL. You DO NOT need to reply with 5-6 sentences for each question or item.
  • Name your post – the name should embody the theme of your post.
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