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Professional Assignment 1?

CLO #1 – Integrate an understanding of leadership and the five (5) practices as a major function of an organization.

CLO #2 – Effectively determine and summarize the role of leadership practices and commitment behaviors.

CLO #3 – Develop critical thinking and reasoning skills to observe leadership practices and commitment behaviors in the work environment.

Research a prominent current or historical organizational leader from your country and develop a 2-to-4 page APA formatted paper discussing the following:?

  • Brief bio on the leader you selected
  • Describe key reasons why you admire the leader (providing specific examples of actions & behaviors that the leader used with respect to the five practices of exemplary leadership)
  • Evaluate to what extent the leader had credibility, where it stemmed from, and whether there were areas for the leader to improve.

Be sure to reference your sources?throughout the paper?with in-text citations. Your paper should include?at least three (3) sources?from which you gathered your information.??Every source listed on your reference page should be cited within your paper.

Video: Morgan, J. (2017, February 22). If You Want to Change Behavior Then Lead By Example – Jacob Morgan [Video]. YouTube.

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