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There are several moral dilemmas throughout LA Confidential, most of which lead to police corruption. For instance, using excessive force to get a confession is a common theme we see throughout the film. Taking the law into your own hands is another moral dilemma, and finally sharing confidential information in exchange for money and fame. The three main characters in the film, including the police chief and captain, as well as the district attorney, all face moral dilemmas. Edmund Exley has a passion for always doing the right thing and keeping the department in line. He conducts himself in a ?by the book? manner, even though he works in a clearly corrupted agency. He has no problems with sharing information which he knows can cost his fellow officers their job. With Exley, his passion for doing the right thing should be tempered with the ability to look at each individual?s situation, as most situations are not merely black and white. Jack Vincennes has a passion for fame and fortune. Vincennes seems to want to be more involved with Hollywood than actual police work. His passion should drive him to a new career in acting or screen writing, and leave law enforcement to those who can keep the work confidential. Bud White has a passion for justice with domestic violence victims. This drives him to take the law into his own hands. One way to temper his passion would be to seek counseling regarding his childhood trauma of losing his mother to domestic violence, and perhaps volunteering with an advocacy group for victims of domestic violence.?

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