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Please respond directly to the classmate discussion post below in 100 words minimum.

The post is talking about the movie, ?LA Confidential??

This movie is very interesting. At first I felt like it was all over the place and difficult for me to keep up with. However, eventually I caught on to it. This movie shows a lot of police corruption within the LAPD. The moral for the department was set very low. All off the officers except for Exley cared about themselves and not the face of the agency. Exley was the type of officer that cared about is career and had integrity. He had zero tolerance for officers who betrayed the badge. Bud expressed that he watched his father beat his mother to death which is why he possibly became a police officer. Bud did not like men who abuse women and he has anger issues. Vincennes in my opinion, wants to fight crime but wants it to be more like a tv show. Vincennes enjoys being on TV. In reality, Bud would no longer be a police officer because he doesn’t know how to separate his personal experiences from his job, he actually would probably be criminally charged. Vincennes also would be a police officer because he only cares about TV and fame. Exley would be the one to move up in the ranks to prevent police corruption and change the face of the department.?

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