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?A ?cause marketing campaign is a promotional effort between a for-profit ?brand and a not-for-profit charity to build positive awareness of the ?for-profit brand.? When the consumer buys the for-profit brand, a ?portion of the sale generally goes to the charity.? Thus, the consumer ?feels good in supporting the charity and this positive goodwill is then ?carried over to the brand.? This is one of the reasons why the strategic ?choice of the charity is so important. All three of these elements must ?be included for a cause marketing campaign so everyone wins!??

  • Research and discuss a cause marketing campaign that impressed you.? In your discussion include:?

  • the for-profit brand, ?

  • the charity (not for profit),?

  • why this association works to support the for-profit brand, and?

  • how the consumer is involved through a purchase.?

  • This should be a 300 ? 500-word discussion.?
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