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2nd pdf needs Revision

Spring ?2022

Essay Proposal?Form(See folder)?DUE:??????????Thursday, February 24th,
2022 via Blackboard by?11:00pm
First Draft DUE:?????????????????????????????????????????????Saturday,?February 26th via
Blackboard by?11PM
Assignment Description:?Using one of the works of drama assigned,?write
a character analysis?on the antagonist?or protagonist of the selected
work.?Consider how the antagonist or protagonist is portrayed,?and how he or
she interacts with the other characters as part of your analysis.
Thesis Example:?Sgt.Waters?s ability to manipulate C.J.?to eventually
commit suicide is rooted in his role as the antagonist.?Once Water?s
background is revealed,?the reader is able to learn what motivates his
treacherous actions against the supporting characters.

The analysis would show what elements in Water?s past have molded him
into the main antagonist of the play and how his traumatic past,?motivates
the ways in which he threatens and abuses the black soldiers under his
command and??how his actions eventually lead to his murder.
Thesis Proposal Format for Instructor Review:??Log onto
Blackboard.?Download and complete the?Thesis Proposal Form?found on
Blackboard in the Writing Assignments section.?PAY ATTENTION:?Failure to
submit a proposal will result in an automatic five-point deduction from your
final paper grade.?Proposals that are handwritten and/or submitted using the
anything but the approved form will also incur a five-point deduction from
your final grade.?NO EXCEPTIONS.

Essay Format:
Heading Example?(the upper left corner of page?1):
Student Name
Short Paper?2
Semester Year

? 3-4?typed,?double-spaced pages
? Create a title that describes the unique focus of your essay?(centered at the

top of page?1).

? Use MLA format for in-text parenthetical citations and include an MLA-style
works cited page.?See?Rules for Writers, for more information.

? Third person objective point of view;?no first?(I/we/our)?or
second?(you)?person language.

? Review Course Overview for additional assignment format.
Structural Suggestions
Introduction-?The introduction to grab your reader?s attention;?create a
sense of expectation that makes readers want to continue on to discover the
insights of your analysis.?Offer a short summary of no more than two to three
sentences.?The essay should clarify whatever issues are necessary so that
readers who may have not read the literary text will still find your essay to
be intelligible.??The introduction should end with a?thesis statement?that
identifies the main purpose of your essay.??What are you saying specifically
about the antagonist?
Body-?The body of the paper should support the thesis in detail by exploring
three to four subtopics.??Quotes from the literary text should be used to
support your claims in the body.??However,?be sure to avoid writing an essay
that strings together many quotations without establishing a context for
what the quoted passages are designed to illustrate.??Also avoid retelling the
story.?Once your thesis is established the essay?s job is to prove your thesis
Conclusion-?The conclusion should sum up the essay without being
repetitious.??In the case where the body looks at the subjects of comparison
separately,?the conclusion should bring the two together.?.??In the final
paragraph of the essay,?you can draw some conclusions on the overall
impact of the literary work,?the intent of the writer,?or the larger message
that work is trying to convey.

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Hudson 1

Raquel Hudson

Derrick Brown

English 1020 LD-07

February 26, 2022

?Justice for CJ?

The protagonist is Captain Richard Davenport, who is a black male military officer and also a

lawyer who was sent by Washington, DC to investigate a murder case in Fort Veal, Louisiona. After a

black Sergant is murder Vernon Waters, Captain Davenport is assigned to solve this murder. Who killed

Sergeant Waters? Captain Davenport is wondering if it?s two white officers or the Ku Klux Klan. Captain

Davenport job is to find who murdered Waters.

The murder is first blamed on the Ku Klux Klan and two white officers. The first man that is

Interviewed is Private Wilkie. Wilkie was Waters’ sidekick. They are always together. Wilkie tells

Davenport about the blacks baseball team and how they beat the white soldiers at the baseball. Wilkie

tells Davenport and talks about CJ who is also one of the black soldiers, who was good at baseball but

can sing and play the guitar as well. Waters didn?t care too much about CJ; he just pretended to like CJ.

For example Waters had Wilkie to plant a gun under CJ pillow, so he can get his three stripes back that

he lost.

Derrick Brown
How does this body paragraph support your point/thesis you made in your thesis statemenr?
Derrick Brown
Derrick Brown
In Addition you need to also share the When & Where this play/film takes place.

Then you share the information about the murder and then after providing that basic information to your readers…you then shift into the thesis statement. When you introduce the characters, provide some background (which you have done) you must make sure your Thesis statement is clear and follows the goal of this essay which is to make a clear point about the murder.

Instead of focusing on Davenport;s worries, you need to make it clear in your thesis about why Davenport is the protagonist and why Sgt. Waters (currently dead). You must make the goal of this essay clear.

Either you are showing the reader who the bad guy is or who the protagonist is.

Your goal is to select one character and explain why one is the protagonist or one is the antagonist and the rest of the essay must follow that direction in your thesis statement, which closes out the introduction and you need to make sure you have chosen three specific pieces of supporting evidence that will build your three body paragraphs that will support your decision

Derrick Brown

This introduction needs some structuring and some order.

Remember that the introduction consists of you providing some basic information about the play/film; you need to remember to share the title of the play/film and the name of the person who wrote the play/film. In this case “A Soldier’s Story” written by playwright Charles Fuller…

Derrick Brown
Derrick Brown
Good heading
Derrick Brown
Derrick Brown
Correct heading
Derrick Brown

Hudson 2

The next soldier to be interviewed is Peterson. Another black soldier told Davenport that he and

Waters had a one on one fight, and Waters beat him. Peterson didn?t see eye to eye anyway. Peterson

challenged Waters and they began to fight. While in the interview with Peterson, Taylor who is the white

officer who already told Davenport that he will get no respect from no one because he is black man.

Taylor stopped the investigation because he said two white officers beat Waters. Of course Davenport

accuses Taylor for tryng to cover up a black mans murder.

Davenport has his clues and notes on all the soldiers. Now he can narrow down and try and

figure out who was last seen with Waters the day of the murder. Even though Waters is the one who

told Wilkie to plant that gun under CJ’s pillow. Cj didn?t kill him over that. Cj ended up in jail and

committed suicide. Peterson and Small were on guard duty the night of Waters murder. Davenport

interrogates Small. Small of course confesses Peterson killing Waters as revenge for CJ death, and to

get justice for CJ.

Soldiers are one of the greatest assets of the country. A soldier’s job is one of the toughest things to

do in the world. Many lacks viewed World War II as a white man?s war, but in Waters view it was a

chance for blacks to prosper. One of the reasons why he was so hard on his men and wanted them to

do it a whites man’s way. Racism still exists and will never go away, but trust me we came a long way!

Derrick Brown
remember all three body paragraphs are explaining or providing eveidience to show the reader, WHO is the ptotagonist, WHAT do they do and WHY, specificallyto prove your argument.
Derrick Brown
Derrick Brown
This looks like you trying to provide correct in-text citations without doing it properly.
Derrick Brown
Derrick Brown
While you dids great job naming these characters make sure you set up these three body paragraphs in the particular order you introduced them in the intro.
Derrick Brown

Hudson 3

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