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?Safe learning environment means the students are safe from psychological and emotional harm. A safe learning environment allows students to explore the challenges they might face because they know they cannot be judged or be discriminated against by other students. Each student has a different emotional dynamic, but teachers and educators can establish general ways to accommodate all students’ various challenges (Rush-Idigo pg.15). Teachers and educators are required to create a conducive that is free of judgment and prejudice. Also, they should provide ground rules that promote comfort in conflict and controversial situations. Additionally, teachers can create a conducive learning environment by examining their assumptions about their students.

??????????? As an educator, I can establish myself as the authority in the classroom by providing ground rules and comfort, and compassion in controversial situations. In other words, I should treat both parties involved in conflict the same without showing biasness. Moreover, as an educator, I should encourage the participation of all students by valuing the contributions of all students. Also, creating a safe learning environment requires the educator to learn their students and their unique skills and help them work together by group work. Therefore, by establishing proper guidelines, students can interact and participate well with their peers.

??????????? Additionally, as an educator, I should show concern and authority by providing regular feedback to my students that show their progress. Also, providing materials that show the inclusion of diverse backgrounds. Each student has a unique learning process, such that some grasp information first, and others need time to understand and learn. Thus, I should be patient and caring to all students. On the other hand, collaborative teaching is essential in ensuring that educators implement the differentiated-instructional delivery method?(Rush-Idigo pg.6) This allows students in an inclusive class environment to meet their needs.

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