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You have been assigned ONE of the following works of art. Your assigned artwork is listed directly ABOVE your name.?

  • Alexander Calder Flamingo, 1974
    • Evelyn, Nacima, Dalal, Jennifer, Keegan, Digna
  • Marc Chagall Four Seasons, 1974
    • Courtney, Lorraine, Toweeka, Katelin, Leah, Denise
  • Pablo Picasso Untitled, 1967 (also referred to as: “The Chicago Picasso”)
    • Franko, Stacey, Jaylah, Rachel, Jamie, Kessia, Maria
  • Anish Kapoor Cloud Gate, 2006 (also referred to as:? “The Bean”)
    • Mark, Jabri, Adelina, Katlyn, Deana, Persephone, Briana
  • Jaume Plensa Crown Fountain, 2004
    • Paul, Yunai, Charles (Trey), Kunal, Mia, Aida

In your initial post, imagine you are a tour guide leading a tour of your assigned artwork in downtown Chicago.? Write a script of what you would say when you visit the work of art. You will need to do research in order to answer your questions and create your script. ? In your script, make sure to:

  • Describe the work of art in detail: What does it look like? What is the medium? Where is it located???
  • Describe and discuss the context: How does the historical, social, personal/narrative, political and/or scientific context impact how you understand the work of art? Make sure to use your textbook (Chapter 5) to support you with your discussion of context.
  • Describe and discuss its connection to our lives:? What purpose best describes this work of art:? Expression? Unification/exclusion? Communication? Protest/shock? Celebration/commemoration? Worship? Information/education/inspiration??
  • Ask a question: Pose a question that you would like your classmates to consider in their response to your post.
  • Properly cite any sources you consulted to help you understand the artwork and its context at the end of your post

Around 250 words

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