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Term Paper

Paper description

As discussed in the syllabus, you will submit a term paper for this class. The term paper is worth 30 points. You will choose a topic in global economics covered this semester and prepare a 2?3-page discussion on the issue. The specific format of the final paper will be given.

The paper will be submitted in two phases:

(The rubrics for the final paper will be given shortly and we will have a library session to discuss APA style, key important points to write a paper and library resources)

The topic for the final paper can be any global current event or an issue related to the topics learned in global economics class in any one of the following regions:

1. Asia

1. Africa

1. North America

1. South America

1. Europe and Australia

Format of project proposal

1. The names and gsu e-mail addresses of the members in your group.

There can only be a maximum of five members in each group. Individual papers are welcome.

2. Project title and purpose

? Clearly state the title of your paper.

? State the topics to be investigated and the objective of the study.

? Discuss the implications of your study, how will the conclusion of the study benefit end-users.

3. Clearly state the sources for writing your paper (e.g., URL address, publications)

This is just the proposal for the paper. Just include the article references link. For the final paper, you will do proper citations.

The term paper proposal should be double-spaced, typed, and is due on March 14th. The proposal should not be more than 100 words. The paper proposal will be turned in online on iCollege under Assessments/Assignments.

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