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In a minimum of 300 words,?using scholarly material and proper citations, explain whether the Supreme Court should automatically provide an appellate review in capital cases. Your assignment must reflect at least five sources,?such as your textbook and other scholarly materials?(i.e.,?journal articles, information for other textbooks are not acceptable),?APA formatted paragraphs?with?in-text citations, and an APA formatted?reference list to receive full credit.? Your scholarly references are to be?material within?five years of the date of this class.? Do not submit any academic material without the author’s name or original published date of the material. No author or dated (n.d.) material is acceptable.
You?will need to submit your assignment in an APA paragraph format with?in-text citations and an APA formatted reference list?for grading. ?Any discussion information presented as an attachment is not acceptable for grading.??If you are not familiar with the APA format,?you will need to review the APA and?Sample Assignment under Course Information.? Additionally, your?assignment will need to be a WORD or PDF document for grading. ?Any coursework written in the add comment area on BlackBoard is not acceptable for grading.

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