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In this module, we are going to:

? Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate literary works

? Analyze, interpret, and evaluate a variety of texts for the ethical and logical uses of evidence

? Respond to literature with rational judgments supported by evidence

Your checklist for Module 16:

? Submit Final?


We have spent all semester analyzing and critically studying literary works.?We’ve discussed author’s purpose,?we’ve found and discussed the use of literary elements, and we’ve identified?themes.?

We don’t want to lose sight, though, of the fun of reading, the joy and emotion importance of literature. We want to remember that poems and stories can speak to us, or speak for us, or show us things about ourselves.?

So, for your final exam, write a 6-8 sentence paragraph that shares what piece of literature read this semester was your favorite and why.?Be clear, and provide some detail as to why you appreciate, value or feel inspired by the piece you’ve chosen. Carefully proofread, and be sure the name of the text and author are included. This is an exam grade, so write clearly and focus on the writing strong, insightful sentences.?

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