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Evaluation Management Plan Friday

  1. Conducting a program evaluation is complex and multifaceted.?Consequently, an evaluation management plan is vital to its successful implementation.

    Develop an evaluation management plan that includes:

    • Projected Timeline. Use the Gantt Chart Template to create a proposed implementation timetable. Your proposed implementation timeline should clearly outline the tasks to be performed and the timelines for each task. You should also include the personnel and other needed resources to complete each task. Note: See the Completed Gantt Chart Example for an example of what your timetable might look like.
    • Projected Evaluation Budget. Create a 1-page budget for your plan. Your budget should support the strategies and activities necessary to carry out your program plan. This includes items like personnel and other resources needed. You should also include a budget justification summary to provide a rationale for the funds needed to implement the program plan.
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