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?2- to 3-page Word document. Sources should b?


In Module One, you performed a personal SWOT analysis and reflected on your readiness for organizational change. Then, throughout the course, you learned to lead and manage organizational change based on strategic decisions. You have also learned several other skills and concepts through the other courses and the various badges and certifications you earned in this MBA program.

Now, it is time to reflect on these skills and use what you?ve learned to create a personal action plan for your career and professional development. Doing so will not only help you revisit various management-related concepts and skills you learned and developed in this program, but will also help you understand how these concepts and skills can be applied in the workplace. This is also a wonderful opportunity for you to review your own journey from the start of this MBA program up until now?the end of the program.


Create a personal action plan to apply and further develop the skills you have gained in the MBA program.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  1. Skills assessment:?Reflect on the personal SWOT analysis you completed in Module One. Your response should address the following:
    1. Describe any changes in your personal SWOT analysis based on skills you have acquired in the course.
    2. Explain how might this affect your ability to handle organizational change in the future.
  2. Personal action plan: Create a personal action plan based on skills you learned in this course and in the MBA program. Your response should address the following:
    1. Identify two key skills from this course that you will apply in your career and explain how each of these skills could help in your career growth.
    2. Identify two key skills from the rest of the MBA program that you will apply in your career and explain how each of these skills could help in your career growth.
    3. Identify two skills from the MBA program that you feel need further improvement and describe how these skills will help in your career growth.
    4. Identify badges or certifications from the MBA program that you feel will be most useful for your career growth and explain how you will apply them.
  3. Accountability:?Describe actionable steps you will take to keep yourself accountable for developing and applying the skills that you learned throughout the MBA program.e cited according to APA style.?



One of the significant strengths I inhabit is changing awareness and the ability to redefine myself as necessary. I can accurately scan the environment for opportunities by focusing on emerging trends to prepare and plan for the future. The other strength I have to enhance my change readiness is change agility. This is the ability to engage people in pending changes. In essence, the strengths will enable me to be flexible and effective progressive in any environment a workplace offers (Musselwhite and Plouffe, 2010). For instance, with change awareness ability, I will be in the right position to assess the market for new and emerging opportunities to renew an organization’s brand and product innovation. In addition, change agility will enable me to muster the commitment and capacity to carry great ideas along the implementation process regardless of the different environments presented in the market quickly.


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?One of the most obvious weaknesses that will make me resist change is effective communication skills. It is among the fundamental aspects that can enhance effective organizational change. Such weaknesses will prevent me from accepting change and therefore contribute to change resistance (Habas, 2019). For instance, poor communication will make the process of change readiness difficult and will discourage the understanding of what my team and I will be working to achieve. This, in turn, will lead to transition inefficiency during the process of change implementation.


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?One of the opportunities I can leverage my weakness in poor communication is that the organization has adopted new advanced means of communication skills. Unlike the traditional channels where I had to communicate to my peers directly, I will be printing all the necessary information on the computer, which will share the information with all members involved in real-time. Besides, the company has adopted the remote workplace following the COVID-19 pandemic that led many organizations to consider remote working. This is more likely to improve my late habit since I will be able to submit all the requirements without wasting time commuting to and from work stationery by working at home.


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?One of the threats I would like to minimize is internal conflicts between peers or team members. Internal conflicts include misunderstandings among the team members in the workplace. In essence, minimizing internal conflicts will help achieve efficiency in the change implementation process when each member agrees on common grounds. Another significant threat to minimize is the employee-employer relationship. It would be essential to form an employee union that will be passing all of our needs to the organization executives. This will enhance our work efficiency and promote employees’ performance, improving the general organizational productivity rate.

Change Readiness

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Based on the SWOT analysis, it is apparent that I am ready to accept the organizational change from the proposed acquisition. In addition, I will initiate and lead the change efforts for the scenario. Essentially, with the strengths I have, I feel more capable and flexible to adopt any organizational change as long as it meets the needs of all stakeholders. Furthermore, I can effectively utilize the opportunities available in the organization to rectify and improve my weaknesses.

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