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The homework outline is attached. ?The rubric is attached. ??The article is attached

Sociology of Deviance

Essay 2 ? Moral Panics

Choose one of the following two questions to respond to in essay form (do not bullet point or use some other format) in a minimum 3-page paper. Use an approved font (see writing guidelines), 1-inch margins, double-spaced text. Use your book, class notes, supplemental readings and/or any other relevant sources. Cite properly, and include a reference page at the end of the document (the reference page does not count as part of the 3 pages of text). When citing a specific chapter from the textbook/reader, use the name of the author of that chapter in the reference page (I will know that it is from the Adler and Adler book). Feel free to use additional sources, but follow the guidelines outlined in the ?Writing Guidelines? posted on E-learning. Make sure your name is on the document. Upload your essay to the relevant dropbox by the due date listed in the syllabus. This essay is worth 60 points. Please produce a thoughtful, complete, and cogent essay that aligns with the essay grading rubric posted on E-learning.

1) Choose four of the seven elements of the social construction of drug scares from the Reinarman chapter and apply them to some situation of the recent past or an ongoing current event. This can be any social problem or other phenomenon that you think meets any four of the seven criteria. Apply these by analogy. That is, do not write about drugs themselves. Apply the concepts thoroughly, and make sure you discuss any or all of the ?three reasons the U.S. is ripe for scares? where applicable.


*** CHOOSE THIS ONE ******

2) Take the five stages of a moral panic from the DeYoung article (supplemental reading) and apply them to a recent or ongoing event. Make sure you go beyond just meeting the definitions of each stage; illustrate, develop, and explain each stage in an effort to gain social psychological insight on your moral panic of choice. Also, address any social functions you think might be a part of the moral panic, and in what way(s) social power might be at play.


Essay Grading Rubric

These are the substantive guidelines used in grading your essays. Each element is worth 12 points for a total of 60 points per essay. Remember to consult the Writing Guidelines document I have provided you on E-learning should you have any questions. This is provided to you as a general resource in writing essays.

1) Conceptualization: How well did you synthesize the information from lecture, the readings, and other course material? How good was your comprehension of the material, and did you make this evident in your writing? Did you understand the concepts, theories, models, and methods ? and make it clear you did in your essay? How creative were you?

2) Thoroughness: Did you fully answer all parts of every question?

3) Argument: How well did you argue your points? Were they concise; did your argument make sense; was it logical; was it consistent with the readings and class lecture? Did you connect each point into a thoughtful, complete, and convincing overall argument?

4) Use of sources: How well, and how many (if specified) scholarly sources did you integrate? How effectively did you relate the readings from the book, lecture, and other sources to your essay? Did you include a bibliography, and was it consistent with your in-text citations per a uniform style guide (MLA, Chicago, APA, ASA, etc.).

5) Organization (spelling, grammar, typing, proofing): Did you make clear which question you were responding to? Did you answer the questions clearly and in some logical order? Did you spell-check, use proper sentence structuring, complete paragraphs, type your essay, include page numbers, double-side your paper, carefully proof for errors, and submit your paper by the deadline?

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