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Experiments Worksheet

It is essential for students of sociology to be able to explain the purpose of experiments in social research. This assignment will help you learn this concept.

You may be asked to cite scholarly sources, and the textbook, to answer the following prompts.

Topic 6: Experiments

Use the following situation to answer the prompts that follow:

A sociology student wants to evaluate an existing program in her community. This program claims to help teenagers heal from eating disorders by completing its six-week curriculum and activities. The program is evidence-based and would use the data collected to claim that it is a good investment of public and private monies. The student plans to use experimental research to evaluate the program.

Citing the relevant parts of Chapter 8 in the text, explain whether or not experimental research is a suitable research method this student could use to evaluate the program. (50-75 words)

Describe the variables in this experiment. Identify them as either dependent or independent variables. (50-75)

Citing the definitions in the text, explain if this type of research study would be based on an interpretivist or positivist methodology. (50-75 words)

In order to demonstrate that you understand the concept of reliability, explain the reliability of this student?s experimental research study if it is done the way you think it should be done. Cite two sources to support your answer. (75-100 words)

Citing two sources, explain the likely validity of this student?s experimental research study if it is done the way you think it should be done. (75-100 words)

Using your selected social problem, create a research question that is suitable for experimental research:


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