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Power Point of the attached assignment (Negotiation for Hotel) with the key points of what will be your final presentation.

Power Point of

the attached assignment (Neg

otiation for Hotel)

with the key points of what will

be your final presentation


Power Point of the attached assignment (Negotiation for Hotel) with the key points of what will

be your final presentation.

Negotiation for Hotel Vacation

Albrecht Thiele

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We will have a family retreat during the vacation for the next five days. I am the organizer of the vacation. We plan to have five people attend the retreat plus three children. During the peak season, most of them are usually booked in advance. The costs are also high during this time of the year. The family has chosen Coast Anabelle Hotel as the best hotel for this year’s event. I am supposed to stage a negotiation to agree on the pricing and the availability.



We want a hotel with free speed internet, lounge, high chairs, outside pool, babysitting services, free airport transportation, allergy-free rooms, family rooms, efficient air conditioning, housekeeping service, and free parking space. The cost should be favorable.


Coast Anabelle Hotel is committed to providing quality services to its clients. They believe in offering the best and adding a smile to the world. Their BATNA remains that quality is expensive. They offer and give their customers a great experience of services. Their costs are usually ranging from $138-$300.

They have the best location. They are situated near Warner Brothers Studios, Disney Studios, and Universal Studios. They are also providing free air transport and other outdoor activities. They also provide unique rooms for people with allergies and customized air conditioning systems.

Negotiation strategy

In this negotiation, I focused on the interests of the different sides. They were looking at the hotel’s services, the services that we needed as a family. I then called the hotel manager and placed my order for the booking. The manager enquired about our interests. I mentioned the desired services that, as a family, we needed to have during that time. I appreciated that they were committed to providing quality services to their customers. This made him feel appreciated and very attentive to talk about the many packages they offer their customers.

They had a buffet for families of three people, six people, and ten people. These were wholesome packages that meant that the people who picked any of the packages would enjoy all the services within the package.

They had average packages, economic and VIP packages. The average package for ten people, of which we were eight people, was well-fitting our budget plans, but we would miss out on some of the critical services we needed to access for our children. The economic package would miss out on essential services like providing our brother a particular room who has allergies. The cost did not exceed our budget for the vacation, I would have picked the buffet, but it is not suitable for my brother.

The VIP package was weird at this point because it exceeded our budget by about half the total budget. This could be the best option for the vacation, but the cost exceeds the pre-planned cost. The package had all that we needed for the vacation, and all the services were traditionally provided.

We then picked on one of the VIP packages and intensified our negotiation. The package contained all the services we needed, but those services were meant for ten people. If we pick out the package for six people, paying for the following two people will be challenging. If well bargained, the package of ten people would be more favorable to us.

I asked him whether he could pick the package for ten people at a subsidized cost. We were only five adults and three children. The package in accounting for the package needed at least six adults and four children. They defined children as anyone below the age of 10 years. Our first child was aged seven years, the second 5 years, and the third three years. We reasoned out that in total, we had three children and five adults, which makes it eight people.

The manager insisted that if we were to calculate the cost per individual, we would pay higher than the package. We agreed that those packages are always there to ensure that the customers don’t strain in their quest for service. He clarified that there was no better way of handling the packages apart from remaining faithful to the package.

The manager insisted that it was not the hotel’s culture to bargain about money for the packages. He claimed that the packages were affordable to everyone who picked it. It was not in his power to reduce the buffet prices, but since the reasons were clear, it was good for him to do some consultation then get back to me.

I reasoned as I waited for the call, then called my brother Jeff, who acted as the family secretary. One thing I inquired about was whether the family was willing to add more money instead of the previous budget. I gave him feedback from Coast Anabelle Hotel about their services and how they charge per package. As a family, we agreed to add on a bit of amount as long as the services are quality and will be beneficial for the family.

One of the things that the manager was Strick about even after the consultation was to subsidize the extra cost by half if we agreed to deposit half of the required cost. That was something that the family would much agree upon because all they needed was to reduce the vacation cost by 100 dollars.

We reasoned by looking at our numbers and what we were willing to pay. It was noted that we were not breaking the package, but we were negotiating to arrive at a win-win situation. The manager, at last, agreed to reduce it by half the overcharge; this means that we were to make an extra payment of about 450 dollars for the success of the vacation.

That was well received by the two of us, and we agreed to deposit half of the amount at least one week before the actual day of visiting. The rest of the money is to be paid during the vacation day. The vacation was set to last for one week- seven days.

The Outcome

We agreed to pay 1950 dollars for the whole buffet to access all the required services at Coast Anabelle Hotel for our family vacation. Two weeks before the vacation, we agreed to deposit 975 dollars to help us reserve the booking.

Negotiation for Hotel Vacation


cht Thiele

Instructor?s Name

Course Code:

Date of Submission


Negotiation for Hotel Vacation

Albrecht Thiele

Instructor?s Name

Course Code:

Date of Submission:

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