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Representation of fishbone diagram for home controlling devices?

Project Background

Telehealth, sometimes referred to as telemedicine or e-health, includes workflows where you care for a patient at a distance. These can be synchronous workflows that have a live audio or video component, or asynchronous workflows with back-and-forth communication that does not happen in real-time.

ProMedica plans to extend the organization?s reach within the community can help strengthen and improve coordination of patient care and chronic condition management with remote patient monitoring (RPM).? ProMedica already has a well-established live synchronous offering using live video to improve access to care by reducing the need for travel and scheduled office visits and extending care to areas where it might not otherwise be available.

Project Scope & Strategic Decisions

Home device monitoring is an asynchronous form of telehealth where a patient may use a device to measure their vitals or record other health information.? This information is transmitted to clinicians who can then make decisions based on trends in the patient?s data.

The initial pilot has been determined to target patients with chronic hypertension in 4 Internal Medicine/Family practice departments located within the centralized Health and Wellness Center location. 2,000 patients will have the ability to purchase Bluetooth-enabled devices which transmit blood pressure readings in-between office visits through the patient?s portal. 50% of patients are covered by Medicare and 50% are covered by commercial payers. Of the 2,000 eligible patients, it is estimated that 33% will participate.

The new Remote Patient Monitoring program will increase patient engagement and allow providers to target care in-between office visits. Key strategic drivers include cost-effective and scalable solutions, accessible/digital equity, and clinically actionable and timely data. ?Full-time staff will be identified to monitor RPM data with plans to keep the work internal.? ProMedica?s strategy also includes the ability to bill for setup, education, time tracking, and monitoring of biometric data, maintaining payer relationships, and ensure proper compliance.? Project time frame for implementation is projected to be one year. Streamlined hardware vendors should also be considered and planned for larger-scale/use across other conditions such as diabetes, COPD, and CHF.? Vendors should include Bluetooth offerings in these areas.

Project Deliverables

Over the next two weeks, your team of 5 project managers are assigned to plan Remote Patient Monitoring for chronic care management of the 4 pilot practices.? It is important that your project reflects realistic timeframes and details as if you were in charge of a real project:

1. Project Charter

2. Scope Statement

3. WBS

4. Project Schedule & Milestones

5. Cost Estimates & estimated annual revenue

6. Fishbone

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