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Once you have read the text and watched the videos in this module which is mandatory and part of your essay grade, please answer the following question with a 500 word essay (if you want a B or an A on the essay it is best to write closer to 1000 words):??

Explain the beginnings of American Football.? Where did the idea of football come from?? How did football come to America?? What is “football fightum?”? Which colleges were first involved in the creation of football?? Who is Walter Camp and how did he change the game of football? Who is Walter Heffeifinger?? What is he known for?? How rough was the game of football in the beginnings??

When writing your essay (it should be in essay form not bullets), please provide evidence from “The Story of Football” text and the videos.? Outside sources are not needed or encouraged for this essay.? Any type of paraphrasing must be cited.? You may use MLA or CMS for your references and citations.? Whatever you do, do not copy and paste anything from the internet or from someone else’s paper.? This will result in a failing grade and reporting the incident to Student Affairs for academic dishonesty.? For all the essays, we will be using Turnitin antiplagiarism software.? You will be given an originality score for each easy.? If the score is over 10% there is a problem.? Good luck with the essay!? I’m ready to get moving towards the NFL!? ? ??

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