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In this discussion, you will be examining different elements of the environment that support or hinder responsive care of infants and toddler.

Some of these elements are:

  • Primary care
  • Daily schedule of activities
  • Use of containers IE: swings, bouncers
  • Continuity of care
  • Adult/Child Ratios
  • Group size restrictions
  • Outdoor time requirements
  • Concern of risk
  • Licensing Standards or Dept. of Health Regulations

In your initial post,

  • Select three elements from the list provided and explain how an environment needs to be set up in order to implement the three selected elements.
  • How do these elements support a responsive, quality learning, relationship-based environment?
  • Now, select three elements that you think inhibit learning and development and explain how each inhibits learning and what you can do to adapt or overcome these elements.


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