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Excellent job on the Project.? Your PowerPoint was professional, well laid out, and contained comprehensive speaker’s notes.? I appreciate the care you took in providing the liabilities and plans for mitigation.

Great work.

Overall, I thought you did an excellent job.? Your paper was well written, well sourced, and well researched.? The only comment I wanted to make was for #1.? The interstate commerce clause reserves the power to regulate commerce between states to the US Congress.? This means state legislatures can NOT regulate commerce between their state and other states.? I think you are confusing that with intrastate commerce – which is commerce exclusively within a state.? In this instance, the state has the power to regulate commerce.

Great work on the assignment.? Your analysis of product liability was sound and liabilities well explained.

Great work on your assignment.? You provided some essential terms and conditions and did a nice job in explaining their importance.? Well done!

Overall, you did a good job in your writing and analysis.? Part A was well done.? My only issue is Part B should have had some discussion on ESIGN, which we learned about this week in the material.

Overall, you did a pretty good job.? Your analysis for #2 and #3 captured some of the rights and responsibilities for both parties.? For #1, the contract was created after Clean made delivery of the goods.? Meaning, Pro’s payment was required under the contract already created (Pro made the offer and Clean’s action constituted acceptance, payment was a term of this new contract).? Also, I found a few capitalization errors in your in-text citations and you didn’t cite to the UCC correctly.? Please keep an eye out for that.

Overall, nice work.

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