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My major is IT .. and I start prepared my research report for Co-op training program to graduate ..

but still not finish from it .. I need your support to ( add more information and pictures )?

– Add information in the instruction

– provide more information and ?at least 10 references for the information ..?

If you can do it please try to contact with me! .. ??

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College of Computing and Informatics

IT Trends Research

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Hassan Abdullah Al-Ibrahim

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Information Technology (IT Department)



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IOT (Internet of Things) is using the internet to control small chips called Microcontrollers

Microcontrollers is used to control machines around us like Air-condition, Lights and Electrical doors

Developing Smart light on/off using voice recognizing (google Assistance) in google events in Alahsa

Smart Watering System now used in some farms in Alahsa

Observing Cameras: Using Microcontrollers we can watch what camera captured and switch it on/off

Literature Review

(You must cite at least 10 references in the literature review)

Security: we need spend effort in building security system that protects the connection

Availability: the connection must be continued 24/7 and server most be available without down any one minute


Best opportunities in IOT is:

Health: IOT still not applied in hospitals in my region so this the best time to build Smart Hospital system

Manufactures: avoiding the dangers we can use remote controllers to control machines

Methodology (or Applications)

1-Smart Home: use the microcontroller to control home remotely using mobile application that support IOT

2- Smart Watering System: Farming project use to auto watering the planets based on some rule like humidity rate or time

3- Health: using microcontroller to take care of patients based using some sensors


This will be our future and I have many ideas to apply the IOT in this life and because we have a lot of challenges, we need to build systems that solve them.
I am interested to involve in building IOT


At least 10 references

(must be in APA Style)

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