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1. Bio K Plus Probiotics Capsules:?

? Classification:

? Indication:?

2. FDA:?

2. Off-label use:?

1. Dosing:?

3. Can it be taken with applesauce? Why or why not?

1. Safety:?

4. BBW:

4. Precautions: dysphasia, patient may not tolerate and as?

4. Contraindications:?

4. Special populations:

4. DDIs:

4. Any drugs that cannot be used with it?

1. Efficacy:?

5. Clinical trials outcome:

5. Alternatives in the market:

5. Guideline recommendation:?

5. Medical information from the manufacturer (case reports data)

5. Patient factors?

1. Accessibility:

6. PA required? If yes, what are the criteria?

6. Step Therapy?

6. Is this a first line agent?

6. What are the alternatives?

6. Who is the manufacturer? Do we have a biosimilar??

2. PEG 3350 (MiraLAX)

? Same process as above

? Find out what cannot be taken with this drug and why (can we use anything thicker than water to mix?)?

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