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The Proterozoic Eon is a significant time period because this is when life started to really evolve and earth was completely covered in snow! For this assignment, pretend that you are going to go to an introductory geology grade class and the goal is to teach them about the Proterozoic. Create a power point presentation that you would use and be sure to include the following details:

Title Screen(1 pt)

Eon Name (1pt)

Time period (in millions of years) (1pt)

What life evolved (5pts)

What was the atmosphere like (5pts)

What would you need if you time-traveled back and had to walk around? (i.e. would you need protective gear?) (5pts)

What did the continents look like (i.e. where were they, think about the Wilson Cycle) (5pts)

What large orogenic events took place, if any? (5)

Have images, no one learns from just words on a power point (5pts)

Creativity (2pts)

Works Cited (5pts)

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