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1)In your opinion, which types of academic dishonesty are most frequently committed most by students?

2)What do you believe are the reasons why students engage in the types of academic dishonesty?

3)For each type of academic dishonesty you describe as most frequently committed, describe what students can do to be proactive about preventing each of them. Provide specific examples in your response.

Chapter Exercise

In social work practice, we often integrate spirituality and/or religion in assessment and intervention in our work with clients. It is important to explore these components in terms of ethics and personal comfort. You will explore both of these components by completing Exercise 13.5 on p. 328 in your textbook.

Here is what you need to do:

1)Read the Goal of Exercise 13.5 on pg. 328-329. Then, write your first/last name to the right of “Interventions” on p. 328.

2) Use BLACK INK OR BLUE INK to write your checkmarks in table on p. 328-329.

3) In the Comments box, provide a discussion of the interventions you checked as “not ethical”, describing your reasons you believe these are not ethical. In addition, provide a discussion for the interventions you are “not comfortable” using. What are the sources of this discomfort? Use complete sentences in your discussion.

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