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1000 word 4 pages MLA format

New Media Class

Throughout the course we have discussed the norms associated with a variety of different media. For the midterm you will be asked to select a media that you utilize/interact with in your daily life and then consider how the norms of that media are shaped by prior media technologies. You will need to describe how norms associated media and technology change over time.

What to do:

1. Select a media that you interact with consistently (examples: Netflix, TikTok, comics, roads, etc.)

2. Identify the norms of your selected media (what are they for? Who is the main audience for this media? Note: “a general audience” is not an answer, even if many different types of people can use media, that doesn’t mean they are the intended audience. How do people generally use it? Is this an everyday media or niche? What norms are unique to this media and what are shared among many other types of media? Be thoughtful, specific, and detailed in your response to this part of the question.

3. Discuss how these norms are shaped by prior media technologies we have discussed in class (you must address at least 3 media we have explicitly discussed).

Technologies we have discussed are

Printing press


Use-Zines and blogs

telegraphs and telephones


you should use at least 3 outside sources! Thank You!

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