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APA style, 3 references, talking points, outline


Your Task:?Develop an “intake” briefing for a group ?of software engineers who have been tasked with developing a standard ?set of security review processes for virtual teams. The purpose of these ?processes is to ensure that compliance for software security ?requirements is verified resulting in software applications and ?software-based products where security is “built in.” The company also ?intends that these processes be used towards the organization’s ?achievement of Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 — ?Defined.

Background: Software development is a complex task, ?especially as technology changes at the speed of light, environments ?evolve, and more expectations are placed upon vendors who want to be ?competitive within the software market. Many software development ?organizations also depend upon virtual teams whose members are ?geographically dispersed. This complexity also makes implementing and ?testing security features (for software applications) much more ?challenging.

Format: This week, the format for your deliverable ?(posting) will be “Talking Points.” Talking points are presented in ?outline format and contain the content that you would put on slides in a ?slide deck. Your outline should include 5 to 7 major points (“slide ?titles”) followed by 3 to 5 supporting points for each. Remember to put ?enough information into the talking points that your peer reviewers can ?understand what you intend to cover in each section of your briefing. ?Remember to introduce the topic at the beginning, present your analysis, ?and then close your briefing with an appropriate summary. Include a ?list of sources (3 or more) which attendees could refer to if they wish ?to fact check your work.

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