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All work, ideas, and mistakes are the property of Dr. Andrew Hughes, ANU.

Created Feb 2022.


CBBE Assignment

Figure 1: This is cat. A nice cat. But not mine. But it is purring.

Instructions (the things you really should read lest you regret)

1. Choose ONE (1) topic/question ONLY.

2. Read the rubric. No. Actually read it.

3. You have a min of 1,000 words but be careful on any excess . Exceeding word

limits delays marking feedback times significantly. Word counts start at your

first word of your introduction and end at the last word of your conclusion.

4. Answer. The. Question. Please. Don?t make up your own. Or worse, just cut

and paste something from the net.

5. If you find one question difficult do another as it will not be changed apart

from any typos/grammar.

6. Keep paragraph lengths to 8 lines or less. Excessive paragraph lengths more

than 3 times in a work will result in lower marks than people who do not do

this. Ignoring this is not recommended.

7. Headings and sub-headings matter.

8. As do images, tables, diagrams and figures . Please provide sources or

hyperlinks. Use them to assist presentation and support your work.

9. References list should be just that ? references used in your work. In-text

only please, footnoting and end-noting is actively discouraged in business


10. The more we see of someone else?s writing the less we see of yours and

therefore this makes it harder for you to demonstrate to us your opinion,

knowledge and understanding of brand strategy. This will result in a lower

mark compared to those who do these things.

11. Do. Not. Be. Late. If Wattle flags your work as late, even by a second, you are taking the

hit unless there is an approved special consideration form to back it up. This is your

second chance. The first is knowing when the due date is in week 1.

All work, ideas, and mistakes are the property of Dr. Andrew Hughes, ANU.

Created Feb 2022.


1. Do you think that the CBBE for TikTok, or Instagram, is different for

heavy users compared to light users? Why/why not? Discuss.

2. Using only references from 2020 onwards (either practical or theory)

discuss how much reliance should be placed on customer loyalty as a

measure of CBBE in the age of COVID.

3. Is it possible for a movie to have customer based brand equity?

Discuss using examples of movies (NOT from the US/Hollywood)

from 2019 onwards.

All work, ideas, and mistakes are the property of Dr. Andrew Hughes, ANU. Created Feb 2022.

MKTG7027 Rubric CBBE Item 1

Question answer:

? Evidence of independent thought ? can I see you? Are you making me believe that this is you

who has written this and not a bot somewhere.

? Critical analysis and thinking?

o How have you demonstrated this?

o Have you done this the night before or actually thought about it?

? Integration of concepts and practice?

? Were video?s, if you used one, integrated to support your answer and as a reference?

o Did you provide a time in the video where it was relevant?

? References are exactly that ? only those things referred to in the work, and there is some

semblance of proof that you have read them not jus t the 5 second abstract online, or worse,

a title and thought that should do.

Written Structure:

? Opening paragraph which clearly states either the answer to the question or how you are

approaching the work? This will be contextual to what you are doing.

? Clear? Concise? Are you getting to the point or waffling? Is it boring or engaging?

? Flow?

o Smooth?

o Does not overly hover ove r a point or skip on another ? balance of depth

throughout the work.

o Logical and follows the reasons in the opening paragraph?

? 8 lines or less in paragraphs?


? Professional?

? Engaging writing style?

? Headings?

? Images and visuals?

o Used?

o Supporting the work?

o Appropriate?

o Are they in scale to the rest of the work and used the right way?

? If using a blog or wiki, how good is that w ebsite design and about me section?

Criteria Weighting? NCN N P CR D HD







Format 25%

MKTG7027 S1 2022


? Theory First

? Admin and Assessments Second

What makes a brand different?

? AKA intro to marketing recap

? You can have many different brands of the ONE
product category ? for example soft drinks,

phones, and crappy reality TV shows.

? A brand should be unique in one or more ways

in the eyes of the consumer. *Waves at


Why brand?

? Value.

? Think the exchange concept you should have,
yes should have, remembered from, intro to

marketing, and all other marketing courses.

? Brands provide higher value.

? And this is especially so in relationships between
brand and consumer.

Theory ? the one slide you?ll need

Strategic brand management

And how else can we do this?


Story telling

? More and more consumers want deeper relationships

and connections with consumers, which is especially so
in the COVID era.

? This is where story telling comes in.

? It can combine many elements of the above and
provide a quick and effective way of building
relationships between brand and consumer, especially

of high value.

? Learning how to tell your brand?s story will be a critical
part of marketing strategy going forward.

You need to learn story telling

? Being able to tell a story of
your brand is critical.

? So learn from the great
stories we have all around

? What makes a great story.

? You?ve been learning and
doing this for decades but
time to do it in the context
of the theory we have just

Break time

Final Advice

? Please don?t just cut and paste content and
materials from websites and where-ever.

? Get. To. The. Point.

? 8 lines or less in paragraphs.


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