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Research Question on Developmental Psychology

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Do people conform to horoscopic results?

PSY 150

Jeynoshka Velez

What are Horoscopes?

They tell the relation between the sun, moon, and planets at the moment of your birth.

Horoscopes supposedly tell you how you think and feel about things.

December 8, 2021


I asked a series of introverted and extroverted questions with the first question asking what their zodiac sign was. With each answer they gave me, I gave them a result of their supposed most hated sign.

Subject 1 is a Libra, I gave them the results of a Scorpio.

Subject 2 is a Cancer, I gave them the results of an Aries.

Subject 3 is a Taurus, I gave them the results of a Leo.

Subject 4 is a Scorpio, I gave them the results of a Libra.

The experiment was to see if some subjects would conform to their results being true solely because a test told them.

All subjects Agreed

Real World Connection

Over 90% of adults know their zodiac sign.

About Over half agree on the traits presented.

Millennials are mainly intrigued by compatibility.

Solomon Asch believes the influence a group majority has can change an individual’s Judgement.

Conformity can be rooted from self pressure

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