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instructions; Each week you will complete the assigned leadership self-assessments. Submit your reflection paper for review and feedback from your professor. Combine all of the assessments outcomes/reflections from week 1 through 7. Summarize your findings and provide a plan for your professional development and growth. Describe how you will strengthen your leadership skills. 3-5 pages with at least 2 refrences. 30% of your grade is based on this.

Proactive Personality Results = 101

Scores in this range suggest that you have strong tendencies toward being a proactive personality. Such proactivity should be (or already is) an asset to you in your career and personal life. Yet scoring 115 points or more could suggest that you sometimes annoy people with your constant need for taking on new responsibility and creating change.

Entrepreneurial Thinking Results = 83

You most likely have average tendencies toward being an entrepreneurial personality. You probably would not enjoy a career filled with risk and uncertainty.

Crisis Leadership Results = 10

Your score suggests a high ability to deal with and lead others through a crisis.

Creative Test Results = 14

Your score suggests that your personality is a mixture of an intellectual conformist and creative individual. Extremely high or low scores are most meaningful on this assessment.

Communication Effectiveness Results = 5

Your score indicates that you may need some improvement in your communication skills.

Knowledge Sharing Results = 30

You have average attitudes toward sharing knowledge, with a mixture of enthusiasm and skepticism about knowledge sharing.

Cultural Tolerance Results = 50

You are highly tolerant and flexible in terms of working with a broad spectrum of people. These attitudes should help you be an effective multicultural leader.

Interpersonal Skills Results = 0

Your score indicates that your interpersonal skills are effective. If there are any items you marked as “Mostly True” you can target those behaviors for further development, but overall you have satisfactory interpersonal skills.

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