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due in 24 hours





Please answer the questions below

Five to eight sentences will compose a paragraph.

Please do not combine your paragraphs.

Please submit your own work.  If there are any similarities in the assignment a Zero will be assigned to the gradebook.

Points will be deducted for not following directions.

1.  Define the term old in your own words.  Explain your answer in two paragraphs.

2.  What is your biggest fear about growing old? – Explain your answer in three paragraphs.

What’s Your Take…Environmental Health

State and Federal agencies have traditionally relied on command and regulatory actions to control pollution. Recently, due to declining budgets and other factors, some states have turned to voluntary standards for dealing with current and future pollution problems.  May regulatory agencies believe that this is the way of the future.  

What’s your take?…Explain your position with respect and if you disagree, refrain from any and all personal attacks.  Stay on topic, try to write full sentences, cite references when using someone else’s ideas 🙂 

1. Develop an argument for or against the concept of business and industry to police itself through voluntary programs and standards.

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