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Taylor Vaughn

Good evening class,

When my husband and i have these talks debates or discussions, this is basically one of the topics we basically talk about the most. (Especially my husband) In this day and age, It’s hard to follow through the first amendment, especially when it comes to social media because individuals are so quick to judge you off the bat. It is hard for individuals to express their opinions on social media because the moment someone read what you have said, it may came off the wrong way to them and now they share a post putting their input and then others see and from there on it creates a chain and now your post is viral and whatever it is that you said , is what people start shaming you for and you could possibly get into real trouble so is this really a country where you can have the freedom of speech? This is just a scenario you most likely see now days, i know one of the biggest issues i noticed within the last two years was politics, Americans having issues with one another over who they want as president, or whether they support a movement or not. I have seen friendships; Relationships end or fights verbally or physically begin because an individual chooses to voice their opinions on situations a certain group or individuals may not agree with. (Especially on social media)

The first amendment is when one is protected from having the freedom of speech, religion, and press from the government. Peacefully, you are able to protest and petition the government.

I think most people fail to remember that we as Americans are all different, and that is what make America unique in a way (if that makes sense) If you do not necessarily agree with that religion or whatever it is that person has said or anything, in my opinion you should just keep it moving if they are not physically hurting you , you can’t force someone to think or be the way you prefer even if they are clearly in the wrong however, that is why the first amendment is one of the most popular debates.

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Thomas Schack

To me, the First Amendment is the right to practice whatever religion you wish, have your own opinions without fear of legal repercussions, and to be able to protest peacefully without persecution. I think these rights and rules still apply to social media but a lot of people online tend to abuse these rights. In reality, you have the freedom of speech but you cannot abuse this right to harass or threaten another person, as that would be illegal. You have the right to practice whatever you wish as long as it doesn’t involve acts such as sacrifice or assault. These rights are amazing to have and are definitely a privilege when it comes to what you see in the rest of the world. However, the laws set by society must be followed.

When it comes to the application of the First Amendment on social media use it becomes quite a blurred line. People tend to overshare information that they would never tell someone in real life due to the fact that they will never interact physically with any viewers. As this is just more uncomfortable for the innocent viewer scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, there exists an actual kind of abuser of rights. Internet trolls or hecklers will exist simply to digitally assault and threaten other people. Unlike real life, there is little to no punishment that these trollers face as long as they don’t commit bomb or mass shooting threats, but even then, it can go unnoticed by authorities. The laws and processing to apprehend people who threaten and assault online are almost non-existent. The trollers can easily get banned off of the platform but can make another account in 5 minutes. Without any kind of repercussions when it comes to abusing the first amendment leads to more harassment and emotional/mental abuse. Online bullying is a real-world issue, with minors who are still developing being the most vulnerable and the most targeted. When people have a way to hide behind a screen, they think they are invincible. This needs to change.

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