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Attached you will find 2 posts by 2 different students. You need to respond to each separately with your opinion on what they wrote about (give them feedback) Also extend your discussion, whatever you would like to add about your experience or what you have learned from the capstone business strategies course (make sure add references) 

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Question by professor: As a result of your reflection on this class and all other classes you have taken write about what you learned and what will you do differently in your life as a result of having earned your MBA.

Student 1: Hamala Harris

The thought of going back to school after ten years was scary. Today I feel accomplished as I am writing my final paper. When I started my MBA, as someone who has worked in different areas such as finance, project management, statistician, public health, supply chain management, etc., the timing was perfect. I could have related better to the professors and the content of the courses during the last two-plus years and put theories into practice. My experience contributed to my learning significantly. One of my accomplishments I am proud of is winning second place in the ACHE Healthcare Leadership Development Case Competition with an excellent team of women and the friendship we form during the process. If I learn anything from this experience is to get involved in more group activities. It provides opportunities to learn from others -their area of specialty, ability to function as a team, and perspective. I was expecting more interactive group activities during the MBA program. This experience also shows me, working as a team can provide meaningful solutions once we use each other strengths and weaknesses.

During the course, I tried to make my assignments relevant to my work; many of my papers were based on the Veteran Health Administration and James Haley’s Hospital. This was insightful, and today I am more knowledgeable about the rules and regulations, structure, best practices, etc. that I can apply to my job. One of the interesting papers that I completed was based on implementing the RTLS system within the VA hospitals; it was an eye-opener to understand the dynamics of working in a Federal organization versus a private for myself and fellow students during the presentation. This course also provides me with a better understanding of the healthcare sector in the United States from the Affordable Care Act, HITECH Act, EMTALA, etc. As someone who intended to stay in the healthcare industry, I am better prepared and ready to advance in this industry and apply what I have learned.

Student 2: Linda Michel

Research shows most undergraduate professionals opt for an MBA as a proven logical step for those looking to advance academic careers. The obvious reason is MBA has a general application hence relevant for all industries and professional angles. It is not by accident some authors refer to an MBA as a personality toolbox(Asante,2020). However, considering the time, money, focus, and sacrifices an MBA demand, the question of whether an MBA is worth a pursuit always lingers.

One major change that I have already begun to experience is the improvement of my professional credibility. MBA presents an image of an academician who is focused on accomplishing more than an undergraduate degree. It also indicates a character with a passionate interest in shaping the world to be a better place(Asante,2020). Besides polishing important life skills such as understanding the principles of business and leadership responsibilities, MBA is a good path for connecting with other professionals with great ambitions in life hence, creating a huge professional network and creating a platform for challenging yourself to strive higher every day.

What I Have Learned

MBA has enabled me to understand with deeper insight the importance of relations. It has opened me up to a world of limitless possibilities where with the right personality tools; one can achieve limitless opportunities for themselves and others. Life, including businesses, involves a lot of personal human relations. Be it from a customer to a manager or a policeman to a driver, life is made up of numerous human relations. By understanding how to relate with different people in different settings, it is possible to take full advantage to create an environment where everyone can benefit from available ideas or skills, or resources(Asante,2020).

What I Will Do Differently

With the above set of personality tools, MBA has equipped me to shape my future as I wish. MBA has provided me with the right set of skills to be able to observe trends and set myself on a path that takes benefits from the knowledge. However, there are numerous professional adjustments I will be able to accomplish to even achieve greater things in life.

One is my level of confidence. Improved professional credibility automatically brings some sense of pride. Pride of knowing you are recognized as a person with abilities to accomplish important, high in demand tasks that can bring numerous benefits to a lot of people. Pride of understanding how to work around previously difficult situations, be it in business or personal life endeavors.


Asante, K. (2020). 26 Enhancing my leadership and management skills by completing a master’s in business administration degree. BMJ Leader, 4, A10.

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