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Review the attached  list of questions 

20173_CJL2062_Second_Amendment_Paper_Possible_Topics.pdf – Alternative Formats and pick one.  Complete a two-page paper answering the question of your choice. The paper must use APA formatting, be a complete two pages in length, and thoroughly answer the call of the question chosen.  You will use the assigned Waldman text as a reference and one additional scholarly resource.

Constitutional Law

M3A2 Second Amendment Paper

Topic Assignments

The following are all possible questions to answer within your assigned research paper.

Please choose one question to answer, and use both the assigned materials within the

module and one additional scholarly resource to answer the question thoroughly.

1. In what ways was the National Rifle Association involved in the 2008 U.S. Supreme Court

decision District of Columbia v. Heller and the cases to follow?

2. What was the purpose behind the founding fathers including the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of

Rights and is that purpose still necessary today?

3. In what ways does federalism play a role in the recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions of Heller

and McDonald?

4. Did the founders understand there to be an individual right to arms included in the

Constitution? Why or why not?

5. Is the 2nd Amendment a civil right that is protected under the 14th Amendment? Why or why


6. In what ways did the U.S. Supreme Court in Heller overrule the Court’s opinion in U.S. v. Miller

and why is that reasoning important?

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