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Capstone Project: Teenage Pregnancy

First Task Instruction


Your first task will be to identify a project you have done in one of your past liberal arts courses.

Overall, for this capstone, you will choose a project to revise, revise it within another discipline, and write a reflective essay about your process and how the two disciplines create a discourse within the liberal arts.

The project you choose will be the project that you are going to reimagine and revise within another liberal arts discipline. The liberal arts includes the study of history, literature, writing, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and the creative arts like drawing, painting, sculpture, and creative writing like poetry, fiction writing, and the non-fiction creative essay.

In this tab, let me know what project you hope to revise/reimagine, or just explore some possibilities and ideas so that I can help you bring it all into focus.

Draft Reflective Essay


Write a draft of your reflective essay. This should be approximately 3-5 pages long.

One third of the essay should describe what you did for your project and what your process was.

One third of the essay should place what you’ve done for your project into some kind context. This means that you should analyze how your project fits into an historical context or a cultural context, and what insights you personally gained from doing the project. What patterns did you see emerge? What similarities and differences exist between the two liberal arts fields from which your project arose?

The last one third should clearly articulate how your work participates in the discourse of the liberal arts. What did it do that was interesting? What can we learn about the liberal arts from your project and/or your process? In other words, how does the work you did for the project explore two different fields of the liberal arts, and combine those two fields to say something interesting, new, or compelling about the liberal arts in general.

Keep in mind there is no “right” or “wrong” way to interpret this kind of analysis. Be interesting and creative, and explore the thoughts you had while doing the project, what you learned from it, and how your project is an appropriate culmination of your liberal arts major.

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