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Part 1 Introduction: Three trends in specific field or industry are identified within the introductory paragraph.

Part 1 Discussion of Trends: Discuss each of the three trends (one or two paragraphs per trend).

Part 2 Introduction: identifies a specific issue and makes a claim about its significance in the selected industry.

Part 2 Discussion of Issue: describes and justifies proposed solution and explains how it relates to how other companies or experts have addressed the same issue.

Part 2 Support: Information from sources supports proposed solution(s) while ensuring that the writer’s own voice and ideas control the paper.

Conclusion: Reiterates recommendation and reminds readers of the most important points; no new information is introduced.

APA formatting: citations are in correct APA format and a properly formatted list of references is included.

At least six references are included.

Uses sentence structure appropriate to the task, message, and audience; follows conventions of Standard Written English.

15 points.

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