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PHIL 186 – Professional and Business Ethics

Requirements for this research paper:

no more than 1,500 words (not counting words in the Works Cited page). At least three scholarly (i.e. peer-reviewed articles from academic journals) articles required as a minimum for the paper. The quality of your research will be evaluated as well as the content and argumentation final in your paper. You should pick a topic relevant to the course material – that is, not only should you choose an issue that arises in the world of economics or business, but it should be such that it can be evaluated morally. Specifically, what I will be looking for are the following things:

(1) how well you argue for your position – I do not want to read a paper that either fails to take a stand on the issue, or simply asserts some view or other, you ought to present an argument with your stand on the issue as conclusion;

(2) that you make use of one (and no more!) of the moral theories we cover in the course. The most important phrase in

(3) was ‘make use of’ – that is, I do not want to read papers which merely mention some theory, but neither explain the theory or why and how it is being used in this case.

In this research paper, please pick one of the following issues:

  1. “Are sweatshops moral?”
  2. “Should companies invest money in diversity and inclusion initiatives”
  3. “Should businesses be required to pay a minimum wage”
  4. “Whether or not it is moral for the government to force businesses to shut down during the pandemic”

You can choose from these topics, or come up with your own.

Pick one of the following moral theories as your main theory for this research paper paper:

  1. Utilitarianism
  2. Kant’s Ethics
  3. Rawls theory
  4. Capitalism
  5. Deontological
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